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Town Hall 108 Fourth Avenue, Suite 2 Sterling, IL 61081  815.625.3990 Assessor 108 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1 Sterling, IL 61081  815.625.7410 Highway Department 1807 Griswold Avenue Sterling, IL 61081  815.625.2785
Riverside Cemetery 1908 E Third Street Sterling, IL 61081  815.625.0708 The Center for Youth 312 E 4th Street Sterling, IL 60181 815.716.8665
Angie Schneider Finance and FOIA Officer 815.625.3990 Leisa Rundall General Assistance 815.625.3990 Sindy Sotelo Administrative Assistant 815.625-3990 Paul Gould Operations and IT 815.716.8665 William McGinn Trustee 815.499.1937 Ruth Stanley Trustee 815.499.2360
Ted Harts Supervisor 815.716-8665 Dana Stutzke Highway Commissioner 815.625.2785 Marcy Lawrence Assessor 815.625.7410 Frances Leal Clerk 815.625.3990 ext 103 Tom Ausman Trustee 815.535.3764 Ken Duncan Trustee 815.631.0558
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© Sterling Township 2015
Sterling Township