Giving Power to Adolescents

Youth Leading the Way

GPA   seeks   to   give   youth   the   necessary   tools   to have   a   voice   and   make   a   difference.   It   is   about   the youth   deciding   what   the   youth   want   instead   of adults   deciding   what   the   youth   should   have.   The youth   have   said   that   they   wanted   a   place   to   go where   we   can   feel   welcome   and   have   a   purpose.     GPA   is   providing   this   to   youth   all   over   Sterling, Rock    Falls,    and    Dixon.        GPA    also    does    various service   projects   to   show   that   the   youth   have   good intentions and to help out the community. GPA    is    very    grateful    to    have    been    given    the opportunity   to   become   an   organization   that   is   a voice   for   the   youth.   We   could   not   have   done   it without the help of the Sterling Township.
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