I     was     elected     as     Sterling     Township     Highway Commissioner    in    April    of    2013    and    began    my term     in     May     of     2013.          As     the     Highway Commissioner,   I   am   responsible   for   48   miles   of unincorporated    roadways;    the    roads    which    are outside   of   the   city   limits   and   are   not   county   roads.     The      Sterling      Township      Road      District      ,      a department   of   the   Town   of   Sterling,   maintains   the rural    roadways    separate    from    and    not    to    be confused    with    the    City    of    Sterling.    This    area stretches   South   of   Fulfs   Road   and   North   to   Lynn Boulevard   and   it   is   East   of   Ridge   Road,   and   West of   Palmyra   Road   or   Lee   County   Line.      Some   of   the roads        and        subdivisions        include        Stillton Subdivision,    McCue    Road,    Science    Ridge    Road, Hickory     Hills     Subdivisions,     Hoover     Road,     and Eberly,   Colonial,   and   Snavely   Subdivisions.      Also included   are   Fulfs,   Holly   and   Polo   roads,   Country Club   Lane,   River,   Stouffer,   and   Reno   roads   and   all Subdivisions in the Woodlawn area. We    will    develop    a    long    term,    strategic    plan    to resurface    our    Township    roads    and    ensure    they are   maintained   and   are   ready   to   meet   the   future and   growing   demands   set   by   our   residents.      We will    continue    to    provide    the    best    possible    road surfaces   at   the   most   economical   expense   to   our constituency   ensuring   that   the   “unincorporated” road     system     and     bridges     safely     meet     the challenges ahead. I   have   been   involved   in   road   construction   for   36 years.        Some    of    the    duties    of    the    Highway Commissioner    include    but    are    not    limited    to constructing   and   maintaining   roads   and   bridges; snow   and   ice   removal,   removing   debris,   downed trees,     and     dead     animals     from     the     roadway; storage    of    district    tools    and    equipment;    and installation   and   maintenance   of   traffic   signs.   The Highway    Department    also    maintains    storm    and sanitary   sewers,   water   mains,   and   box   culverts.     Additional   duties   include   ditch   grading,   concrete patching     and     paving,     blacktop     patching     and paving,    and    also    curb    and    gutter.        The    Road District    mows    the    right-of-ways    to    prevent    the spread     of     noxious     weeds     and     improve     the appearance of the roadside. It    is    a    privilege    and    honor    to    serve    as    your Highway    Commissioner.    The    Sterling    Township Highway    Department    has    48    miles    of    specified unincorporated   roadways.      My   staff   and   I   have one   common   goal,   “To   keep   the   roads   safe   for   all people   traveling   on   them."      We   are   still   learning how     to     best     serve     you     and     appreciate     the feedback   we   received   over   the   past   year.      Every call   that   has   been   made   to   the   Sterling   Township Highway      Department      has      been      addressed, whether      compliment      or      complaint.            It      is imperative          that          we          maintain          open communication,   so   please   continue   to   reach   out to   us.      We   are   united   in   serving   you   to   the   best   of our ability. In   2015,   we   look   forward   to   another   year   of   doing our   best   to   keep   the   roads   well   maintained,   free of    debris,    clear    of    snow,    and    ultimately    in    the safest   condition   possible.   To   better   serve   you,   the Highway   staff   removes   yard   debris,   downed   trees, and   most   green   yard   waste   on   a   scheduled   basis during   the   spring,   summer   and   fall.   The   Highway Department    also    maintains    storm    and    sanitary sewers,   water   mains,   and   box   culverts.      We   mow and   maintain   right-of-ways   and   ditches.   Although our    primary    goal    is    to    maintain    the    roads,    we have   the   heart   to   serve   you.      If   we   can   help,   we will. As   Highway   Commissioner,   it   is   my   responsibility to   have   an   economical   approach   for   a   long   term road   maintenance   program.      We   have   successfully completed   the   first   phase   of   road   surfacing.      As spring     approaches,     you     will     see     more     road surfacing   on   your   Sterling   Township   roads.      This   is progress    and    I    embrace    the    challenges    that    lie ahead    with    confidence    .        We    have    qualified highway    staff    who    will    accomplish    the    tasks    at hand. Again,   it   is   an   absolute   pleasure   to   serve   you   as the   Highway   Commissioner.   Feel   free   to   call   815- 625-2785   Monday   -   Friday   7am   -   3   pm   with   any comments or concerns.
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