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Giving Power to Adolescents (GPA) wins                                

Shoulder to the Wheel Award

The    Rock    Falls    Chamber    of    Commerce    hosted    their    annual awards   dinner   on   Thursday,   February   26,   2015.      GPA   is   honored to   have   won   the   Shoulder   to   the   Wheel   award.      Congratulations to   all   youth      who   have   worked   so   hard   for   this   award   and   thank you to all who have supported GPA along the way!

Sterling Township Participates in the Summit

of Hope

The    Summit    of    Hope    held    in    Whiteside    County    on    Tuesday, February   24,   2015   at   the   Harvest   Time   Bible   Church   in   Rock   Falls was    a    great    success.        The    Summit    is    designed    to    bring    the community    together    and    gather    all    the    resources    available under   one   roof.      The   sea   of   red   Summit   of   Hope   shirts   worn   by agency   members   made   the   statement   we   do   care,   you   can   make it    and    live    the    life    you    have    always    dreamed    of    filled    with happiness   and   prosperity.      Township   participated   in   the   Summit of   Hope   and   shared   information   regarding   General   Assistance, Family   Advocacy   and   other   programs   and   services   we   provide.     Providing     a     one     stop     environment     gave     individuals     the opportunity   to   obtain   the   necessary   assistance   to   move   past   the barriers   which   are   now   preventing   them   from   success.   Through a   community   expo   of   services   and   support   we   were   able   to   both supply   and   encourage   those   re-entering   into   society   with   the tools   they   need   to   become   crime   free   responsible   members   of society.
© Sterling Township 2015
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