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Sterling Township was established in 1852.  Sterling Township is dedicated to our mission of "Responsible, Responsive, and Effective government with the commitment to do it best."  Our community's history sets an example of valiant effort, ingenuity, integrity, foresight, and determination, to build what we call home.  We are thankful for that history, and for the men and woman who forged it.  We applaud their work for achievement, their ability to respond when called upon, and their will to accomplish much.  Their example is visible in our mission of "Responsible, Responsive, and Effective government with the commitment to do it best." The Supervisor's office administers the General and Emergency Assistance Program and the Youth Services Program.  In the Assessor's office you will be able to locate property information on township parcels, verify the accuracy of your property data, sign up for property tax relief exemptions, and also find sales data. The Road and Bridge Commissioner maintains roads, culverts, mosquito abatement, etc. in the Township unincorporated areas. You are invited to join the Sterling Township Board of Trustees for its regular meetings held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 8:30 a.m., at the Township Hall, 108 Fourth Avenue. 
Sterling Township
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