Spring 2022 Update

Even though we had very little snow this past winter our roads still took a toll. We will be doing a lot of crack sealing on our streets this year. Please be aware of the workers and flaggers to help keep everyone safe. 

Yard Waste Schedule

All yard waste will be picked up on Monday . Yard waste must be ready for pickup by 6AM . Small sticks, branches, and leaves must be put in yard waste bags or in containers marked with an “X”. Containers heavier than 40 pounds will not be picked up. If a homeowner decides to trim a few branches from their trees, they must be cut up into 4′ to 5′ lengths. We will only pick up large piles of branches due to storm damage. Example, if the homeowner decides to take down a tree by themselves or hire it done, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of the debris. There will be no burning allowed on the township right of way including the ditches.


Please do not blow grass clippings onto our roads and highways. Wet grass becomes very slippery and also is a safety hazard for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists 

Pay attention to all signs pertaining to construction work along our roads. Slow down in work zones and please stay off your cell phone. 

Our summer hours will be from 6AM to 4PM Monday thru Thursday. if you have any questions or concerns pleas call our office during those hours at (815) 625-2785. 


Thank you. 

Sterling Township Highway Department

Highway Commissioner, Kurt Glazier

(815) 625-2785